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At Minehead First School children (and staff) are allocated to one of five houses, Dunkery (blue), Grabbist (white), Hawkcombe (green), Hopcott (red) or Selworthy (yellow.) Children collect house points which contribute to a weekly total, announced in assembly every week. The winner at the end of each term has a special reward and their house ribbons go on the cup . There are many opportunities throughout the year for children to compete in their houses including quizzes, parties and sports day.

The winners of the house cup for the Autmum Term 2017 are: Grabbist 


House Captains


In September 2017 Minehead First School held their house elections where children had the chance to vote for their new Year 4 House Captains and Vice Captains.


Many year 4 children gave speeches and everyone was impressed with how much work they had put into their election campaigns. The votes were counted and the House Captains were announced in assembly.  The House Captains are:


Selworthy  - Isla (Captain), Libby (Vice Captain)
Dunkery Lily (Captain), Alfie (Vice Captain)
Hawkcombe Eva (Captain), Lilly (Vice Captain)
Hopcott - Louie(Captain), Ollie (Vice Captain)
Grabbist Emily (Captain), Harvey (Vice Captain)



The House Captains and Vice Captains have enjoyed collecting house points each week and are looking forward to more responsibilities.


 Look below to see who is in your house:


​Dunkery ​Grabbist ​Hawkcombe ​Hopcott ​Selworthy
​House Captain Lily Emily  Eva Louie Isla
​Vice Captain Alfie Harvey ​Lilly Ollie Libby
Staff​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Mrs Chapman ​Miss Oliver ​Mrs Milton-Jenkins ​Mrs Hobdell

​Mrs Evans

​Mrs Murray ​Miss Jude ​Mrs Cobb ​Miss Cocks Mrs Young
  ​Mrs Piennar ​Mrs Pope ​Mrs Lee ​Mrs Beynon ​Mrs Gurrney
Mrs R Watts ​Miss Greenslade ​Mrs Martin  ​Mr Haran Mrs Henley 
​Mrs Turner ​Mrs Hawley ​Mrs S Watts Mrs Bohun
​Mrs Shopland  ​Miss Law Ms Bradley 
  Mrs Passmore   Miss Passmore  
      Miss Hopkins