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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence from school

If your child is away from school for any reason, it is really important that you phone in on the first, and every subsequent day of absence, before 09.30am please.   


You will have noticed that we are now being stricter with our morning routine in the playground with regards to the closing of the gate at 08:55am. The first bell goes at 08:50am which all children know means they need to line up and the second bell is at 08:55am when the school day officially starts and classes are led into school by their teachers for registration. Once the second bell has gone, parents are expected to leave by the gate as opposed to coming in through the school un-escorted, which is a Safeguarding concern.


We have made the decision to send all children arriving past 08:55am around to Reception to be registered as late to help combat our persistent lateness which was raised by Ofsted as unacceptable. Please continue to support us by ensuring you arrive in good time in the mornings for your child to line up with heir class in the playground. If you are unfortunately late, please ensure that our Reception staff have recorded your child entering the school and a reason for their lateness is given. There cannot be any exceptions even if classes are still filing into the school when you arrive at the gate and we politely ask that you are not assertive towards our staff regarding this.


This new routine has proved successful and we are reducing our persistent lates. We are very appreciative of your support with your child’s attendance and we are confident that when Ofsted return they will see a marked improvement.


We will be phoning the parents of any children who have not been registered first thing in the morning. This is to promote the safety and wellbeing of our children.