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School Council

School Council 2017/18


Meet our new school council members!


Autumn (Kestrels), Abigail (Kingfishers), Fergus (Rabbits), Lilly (Badgers), Scarlett (Hedgehogs), Daisy-May (Squirrels), Jacob (Dolphins) and Daniel (Whales)


The school council is made up of 8 children from Years 1 - 4. The children were voted in to the role by their peers.  They will spend this academic year working alongside Miss Jude and Mr Mansell to make the school an even better place to work and learn.  The school council will meet every two weeks.


This year the school council will be working hard to improve the quiet area. They had a met and discussed lots of lovely ideas! One suggestion was to set up some book boxes to use. They are asking for any unwanted children's books you may have to be donated so that school council can begin building up a library of books to read at lunchtime.