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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child


At Minehead First School, Art, craft and design is now taking a more pertinent and deliberate role in the learning journey for our children. Art is an ongoing process through which all children are given opportunities to develop specific skills, knowledge and understanding in designing, making, evaluating and applying technical skills.


During each academic year children will have the opportunity to apply specific skills and knowledge in making, sewing and cooking. Children work individually and within a group to develop the social and personal skills, whist completing design and technology task. D&T may be taught in isolation but with an emphasis on creating a purpose, this will mainly be fostered through conscious cross-curricular links. Design and technology knowledge, skills and an opportunity to revise previously learnt techniques will be at the core of all learning. Children will use floor books to understand and enact the processes of DT, and enable reflection.


Final pieces will be showcased accordingly or shared and celebrated with family and friends.