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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child


We are passionate at Minehead First School about the power of music in the classroom.  We believe in its potential to impact upon wellbeing, self-esteem as well as cognitive development.  As such, we ensure that KS1 children have 30 minutes per week of in class music lessons and KS2 have 45-50 minutes.  The whole school is also involved in a weekly singing assembly for 25 minutes.  During this assembly, the children get to experience a musician of the month to widen their experience and knowledge of significant artists.  We also focus on appropriate warm up activities to improve vocal health before learning songs together, sometimes including harmonies.  To support our music offering, we subscribe to sing up who aim to ensure that every child has ‘access to high quality, practical and engaging music experiences’. 


We want all children to develop a lifelong love of music, whilst also providing them with a secure foundation that enables them to take music further should they wish to.  To enable this, we offer whole class instrument tuition with a specialist music teacher in year 4 through our local music hub.  We also offer peripatetic lessons in a variety of instruments and support our PP children to access this through financial support.  We also ensure that children have the opportunity to perform to others through whole school celebrations of achievements, choir performances in school and in the local area.  We also take part in the local singing festival each year with our KS2 choir.