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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child


At Minehead First School, we want our children to develop a strong sense of themself, understanding diversity, choices, character and healthy relationships. We fully understand that there's a clear link between children's mental and physical wellbeing, and their attainment. We follow a whole-school approach to mental wellbeing, involving teachers, pupils and parents/carers working together to impact significantly on pupils' wellbeing, behaviour and learning.

At Minehead First School we follow the whole-school SCARF approach that builds on the SCARF values of Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. Each year group has been set specific pathway through the subject areas with clear aims and expectations of teaching and learning. This pathway allows for reactive and responsive work to meet the needs and challenges of the time. By following this document, we will be working on developing children’s personal skills to allow them to ready for the next stage in their life.