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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child

Who's Who

Head of School

Deputy Head

Senior Teacher

Gemma Chapman

Danielle McKinley

Carol Murray

​SENDCODanielle McKinley

Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Early Years Lead

Gemma Chapman 


Gemma Chapman



Paula Passmore


​​Administration & Finance

Emily Nickels - Office Manager

 Samantha Westcott  - Admin Assistant


Teaching Staff

Pre School 




Reception Teachers​

Abigail Cunningham - Senior Childcare Practitioner 

Hannah Cornish - Childcare Practitioner 

Tracey Turner - Childcare Practitioner

Karen Baker - Childcare Practitioner


Carol Murray/Paige James (Busy Bees)

​Kelly Gilmour/Paige James (Ladybirds)

Year One Teachers

Rebecca Hole (Dolphins) 

Lisa Jude (Whales)
​Year Two Teachers

Emma Cobb (Squirrels)

Charlotte Beynon (Hedgehogs)
​Year Three TeachersHarriet Hopkins (Badgers)

Marie Baker (Rabbits)

Harriet Gurney (Rabbits)

​Year Four TeachersLisa Henley (Kestrels)
 Julie Oliver (Kingfishers)



 Teaching Assistants
​ReceptionMichelle Lintern, Sarah Gooding, Henry Murrell, Tia Phillips
​Year OneSharon Watts, Paula Bohun
​Year TwoLaura High, Sabrina Lomax, Michelle Reeder, Lisa Routley, Alisha Yates, Louise Butcher
​Year ThreeSuzanne Hawley

​Year Four

Holly Shopland, Suzanne Hawley

Becki Passmore, Lindsay Milton, Rebecca Le Brocq, Katie Hough (Bank staff) Abigail Renshaw (Bank staff)

Midday Supervisors

Dawn Embling, Katie Hough, Tracy Lynch, Suzanne Norman, Jane Seatherton, Sally Sherring, Abigail Renshaw
​Catering​Molly Studley (Catering Manager)
Stacey Dobbs, Rebeccah De Ste Croix
​Caretaking & CleaningAnthony Gardner (Caretaker)
Emma Dyer, Sarah Dyer, Michelle Godley, Jane Seatherton