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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child


Welcome to Minehead First School, part of the West Somerset Academies Trust.


A very warm welcome to our school website!


As Headteacher, working in close partnership with parents, children, governors and the staff, I strive to create a school where every child is enabled to make the absolute best start to their educational journey.


Nelson Mandela once famously said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – and for me, this is at the heart of what we are about at Minehead First School.


The curriculum is at the heart of our school’s purpose and our curriculum reflects the core values of our Trust:

  1. We put the individual child at the centre of our thinking
  2. Striving for highest academic standards
  3. Developing good character
  4. Inspiring love in our community


Our curriculum is purpose enacted. It is what our school stands for, the foundations on which our school is built upon and the learning journey our pupils embark on, from the moment they enter the school for the first time until the moment they leave.  It seeks to find harmony between the four broad philosophies of what is education for: 

  1. To prepare pupils for the workplace
  2. To build character
  3. To further social justice
  4. To teach knowledge for its own intrinsic value


Our whole school curriculum principles are:


Self Belief

Promote well rounded individuals who are confident in their ability to talk to others in an articulate and respectful manner.


Outward Looking

Seek out relevant and meaningful experiences, allowing children to appreciate the wider world and recognise the opportunities that exist outside of West Somerset.



Focus on progression by carefully sequencing knowledge and providing clarity

about what ‘getting better’ at the subject means. Make explicit connections and links between the different subjects and experiences.



Ensure that all pupils have the chance for success, regardless of their starting points, and lay the building blocks for the next stage of education.



Best wishes


Adam Evans