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Minehead First School Making sure school matters to every child


At Minehead First School our high-quality history curriculum provides children with the opportunity to develop broad and coherent knowledge of Britain’s past, and that of the wider world. It will inspire children’s curiosity to know more about the present by studying the past and help them understand the diversity of human experience.


Our curriculum is planned to tie in with our key history strands:

• Chronology

• Cause and consequence

• Historical enquiry

• Historical significance and interpretation


Our history curriculum will equip pupils to make sense of the past by developing their skills to:

• Ask perceptive questions

• Think critically

• Weigh evidence

• Sift arguments

• Develop perspective and judgement

• Use historically appropriate vocabulary


We want children to understand how the past informs the present. We plan our history units carefully to allow children to revisit and build upon key historical knowledge and skills throughout their time with us. We offer meaningful experiences, enrichments, and opportunities, which are supported through the use of quality artefacts and primary and secondary sources. Children will be introduced to a range of historical periods, significant historical events, people, and places.


Children will develop an awareness of the history around them in their own locality supporting their understanding of how the past is still around us today. Children will begin to understand the connections between local, regional, national, and international history. This will be underpinned by a developing sense of chronology. We believe that history provides children with an insight into where the world they live in began and supports them in the learning process of understanding how that world has been shaped.