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P.E & Sport opportunities

At Minehead First School, we want children to be inspired and excited by physical activity.   

We aspire to offer an ambitious curriculum with a real depth and breadth of opportunity to develop a love of being physically active. 


Through providing diverse experiences we want children to develop an understanding that sports come in many different forms.  

Skills will be developed through a carefully planned progression, through teaching we are mindful of the stage not age approach. This is supported by the REAL PE and The PE Hub programmes.  


PE will be taught through: 

  • Invasion Games 

  • Striking & Fielding 

  • Net & Wall Games  

  • Athletics  

  • Swimming  

  • Dance  

  • Gymnastics  

  • Outdoor education  


Staff will be proactive in looking for experiences that can be offered to the children, both in school, community, and local environment.


We provide regular opportunities for children to participate in competition in school and against other school. We recognise a healthy body promotes wellbeing. PE will support the wider flourishing of the whole child by developing social skills, resilience, respect, and leadership. Our PE curriculum will be supported by a wider range of enrichment through clubs and trips.  


We aim for sport to be inclusive for all. Our curriculum will be appropriately adapted. Children will be exposed to positive sporting role models. Through these opportunities we aim to nurture children to grow to lead healthy, active lives.  


Our PE curriculum is be supported by a wide range of enrichment through clubs and trips. There is a range of sports and clubs on offer both before and after school. 


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